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    Luigino Bruni, Flavio Comim & Maurizio Pugno (eds.) (2008). Capabilities and Happiness. OUP Oxford.
    Approaches to well-being have been hotly debated across the social sciences, with most challenging the conventional economic approach which uses income as a key indicator of happiness. This volume compares and contrasts two such approaches, the Capability and Happiness Approach, via a series of interdisciplinary papers from top names in the field.
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    Flavio Comim (2009). Assessing Children's Capabilities : Operationalizing Metrics for Evaluating Music Programs with Poor Children in Brazilian Primary Schools. In Reiko Gotoh & Paul Dumouchel (eds.), Against Injustice: The New Economics of Amartya Sen. Cambridge University Press 252.
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    Flavio Comim & Miriam Teschl (2006). Introduction: Capabilities and Identity. Journal of Economic Methodology 13 (3):293-298.