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    Francis Longworth (2006). Causation, Pluralism and Responsibility. Philosophica 77.
    Counterfactual theories of causation have had difficulty in delivering the intuitively correct verdicts for cases of causation involving preemption, without generating further counterexamples. Hall has offered a pluralistic theory of causation, according to which there are two concepts of causation: counterfactual dependence and production. Hall’s theory does deliver the correct verdicts for many of the problematic kinds of preemption. It also deals successfully with cases of causation by omission, which have proved stubborn counterexamples to physical process theories of causation. Hall’s (...)
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    Francis Longworth & Andrea Scarantino (2010). The Disjunctive Theory of Art: The Cluster Account Reformulated. British Journal of Aesthetics 50 (2):151-167.
    This paper suggests that art cannot be defined in terms of individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions. Instead, we propose that there are several sufficient conditions for something's being art, and that a successful definition will consist of a disjunction of minimally sufficient conditions. Our proposal owes much to the insights of Berys Gaut's ‘"Art" as a Cluster Concept’ but offers a much simpler logical formulation, which, in addition, is immune to the objections that have been raised to Gaut's account. (...)
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    Francis Longworth (2010). Cartwright's Causal Pluralism: A Critique and an Alternative. [REVIEW] Analysis 70 (2):310-318.
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  4. Francis Longworth (2006). Causation, Pluralism and Moral Repsonsibility. Philosophica.
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