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    Francis N. Lovett (2001). Domination. The Monist 84 (1):98-112.
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  2. Francis N. Lovett (2004). A General Theory of Political Domination. Dissertation, Columbia University
    In all societies, past and present, one can find social relationships marked by political domination. Properly understood, domination is a great evil, the suffering of which ought to be minimized so far as possible. This being so, it stands to reason that political and social theorists would have attempted a general analysis of the concept of domination. Surprisingly, however, this is not the case. General accounts of political domination are few and far between; even among those that can be found, (...)
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    Simon Ferrier, George V. N. Powell, Karen S. Richardson, Glenn Manion, Jake M. Overton, Thomas F. Allnutt, Susan E. Cameron, Kellie Mantle, Neil D. Burgess, Daniel P. Faith, John F. Lamoreux, Gerold Kier, Robert J. Hijmans, Vicki A. Funk, Gerasimos A. Cassis, Brian L. Fisher, Paul Flemons, David Lees, Jon C. Lovett & Renaat S. A. R. van Rompaey (2004). Mapping More of Terrestrial Biodiversity for Global Conservation Assessment. BioScience 54 (12):1101.
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