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  1. Frans W. Cornelissen, Eli Brenner & Jeroen Smeets (2003). True Color Only Exists in the Eye of the Observer. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (1):26-27.score: 870.0
    The colors we perceive are the outcome of an attempt to meaningfully order the spectral information from the environment. These colors are not the result of a straightforward mapping of a physical property to a sensation, but arise from an interaction between our environment and our visual system. Thus, although one may infer from a surface’ reflectance characteristics that it will be perceived as “colored,” true colors only arise by virtue of the interaction of the reflected light with the eye (...)
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  2. T. Vladusich, F. W. Cornelissen & D. H. Foster (2004). Why Do Strawberries Look Red? Natural Colour Constancy in Retina and Cortex. In Robert Schwartz (ed.), Perception. Malden Ma: Blackwell Publishing 23-23.score: 240.0
  3. F. W. Cornelissen & E. Brenner (1996). Ignoring Sparse Chromatic Context. In Enrique Villanueva (ed.), Perception. Ridgeview 25.score: 240.0
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  4. J. van Es, T. Vladusich, R. van den Berg & F. W. Cornelissen (2004). Evidence for Multiple Processing Stages Involved in Colour Judgments Under Changing Illumination. In Robert Schwartz (ed.), Perception. Malden Ma: Blackwell Publishing 66-66.score: 240.0
  5. Maarten Simons & Jan Masschelein (eds.) (2011). Rancière, Public Education and the Taming of Democracy. Wiley-Blackwell.score: 24.0