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  1. Joseph J. O'Malley, K. W. Algozin & Frederick Gustav Weiss (eds.) (1974). Hegel and the History of Philosophy: Proceedings of the 1972 Hegel Society of America Conference. Martinus Nijhoff.
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  2. Frederick Gustav Weiss (1974). Beyond Epistemology. The Hague,Nijhoff.
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    Frederick Gustav Weiss (1969). Hegel's Critique of Aristotle's Philosophy of Mind. The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff.
    Our task in this study, then, is to see what Hegel makes of Aristotle in unifying and interpreting his doctrine, to see how far ... some of the questions that are continually being raised about Hegel's purpose and meaning in the philosophy of mind.
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    Frederick Gustav Weiss (ed.) (1970). Hegel in Comparative Literature. [Jamaica, N.Y.]St. John's University.