1.  32
    Rudolf Carnap, Friedrich Bachmann & H. G. Bohnert (1981). On Extremal Axioms. History and Philosophy of Logic 2 (1-2):67-85.
    In the paper translated here, Carnap and Bachmann shows that the apparently metalinguistic ?extremal' axioms that are added to some axiom systems to the effect that the foregoing axioms are to apply as broadly, or as narrowly, as possible may be formulated directly as proper axioms. They analyze such axioms into four fundamental types, with the help of a concept of ?complete? isomorphism.
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    Rudolf Carnap & Friedrich Bachmann (1936). Über Extremalaxiome. Erkenntnis 6 (1):166-188.
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  3. Heinrich Scholz & Friedrich Bachmann (1937). Der Wissenschaftliche Nachlass von Gottlob Frege. Journal of Symbolic Logic 2 (1):56-57.
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