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  1. Andrew M. Herbert If & G. Keith Humphrey (1996). Bilateral Symmetry Detection: Testing A'callosal'hypothesis. In Enrique Villanueva (ed.), Perception. Ridgeview 25--463.
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    M. A. Goodale & G. K. Humphrey (1998). The Objects of Action and Perception. Cognition 67 (1-2):181-207.
    Two major functions of the visual system are discussed and contrasted. One function of vision is the creation of an internal model or percept of the external world. Most research in object perception has concentrated on this aspect of vision. Vision also guides the control of object-directed action. In the latter case, vision directs our actions with respect to the world by transforming visual inputs into appropriate motor outputs. We argue that separate, but interactive, visual systems have evolved for the (...)
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    G. K. Humphrey & Melvyn A. Goodale (1998). Probing Unconscious Visual Processing with the Mccollough Effect. Consciousness and Cognition 7 (3):494-519.
    The McCollough effect, an orientation-contingent color aftereffect, has been known for over 30 years and, like other aftereffects, has been taken as a means of probing the brain's operations psychophysically. In this paper, we review psychophysical, neuropsychological, and neuroimaging studies of the McCollough effect. Much of the evidence suggests that the McCollough effect depends on neural mechanisms that are located early in the cortical visual pathways, probably in V1. We also review evidence showing that the aftereffect can be induced without (...)
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    G. Keith Humphrey & Randolph Blake (2001). Introduction. Brain and Mind 2 (1):1-4.
  5. Valerie Huemer, Cristina Ramponi, Talis Bachmann, G. Keith Humphrey, Antti Revonsuo, Marlene Behrmann, Raffaella Ricci, Neil Binder, Edoardo Bisiach & Marc Jeannerod (1998). A Hardcastle, Valerie Gray, 173 Pauen, Michael, 202 Peters, Madelon L., 27 Heywood, CA, 410 Azzopardi, Paul, 292 Hirshman, Elliot, 103 Hobson, J. Allan, 67 R B. [REVIEW] Consciousness and Cognition 7:647.
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