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    Gareth D. Williams (1991). Conversing After Sunset: A Callimachean Echo in Ovid's Exile Poetry. Classical Quarterly 41 (01):169-.
    In his note on lines 27–8 Luck gives two Ovidian parallels for conversation outlasting the day, P. 2.4.11–12 and P. 2.10.37–8, but he makes no reference to lines 2–3 of Callimachus' epigram on Heraclitus of Halicarnassus.
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  2. Katharina Volk & Gareth D. Williams (eds.) (2006). Seeing Seneca Whole: Perspectives on Philosophy, Poetry, and Politics. Brill.
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    Gareth D. Williams (2012). The Cosmic Viewpoint: A Study of Seneca's 'Natural Questions'. OUP Usa.
    This book examines the literary and philosophical qualities essential to Seneca's art of science in his Natural Questions. Seneca's meteorological theme raises our gaze from a terrestrial level to a higher, more intuitive plane - a conceptual climb by which Seneca promotes a change of perspective in his readership towards the cosmic viewpoint.
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