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  1. M. Forster & Eric Saidel (1994). Connectionism and the Fate of Folk Psychology. Philosophical Psychology 7 (4):437-52.score: 66.0
    Abstract Ramsey, Stick and Garon (1991) argue that if the correct theory of mind is some parallel distributed processing theory, then folk psychology must be false. Their idea is that if the nodes and connections that encode one representation are causally active then all representations encoded by the same set of nodes and connections are also causally active. We present a clear, and concrete, counterexample to RSG's argument. In conclusion, we suggest that folk psychology and connectionism are best understood as (...)
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  2. Stephen P. Stich (1996). Deconstructing the Mind. In Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Oxford University Press, 1996 479-482.score: 60.0
    Over the last two decades, debates over the viability of commonsense psychology have been center stage in both cognitive science and the philosophy of mind. Eliminativists have argued that advances in cognitive science and neuroscience will ultimately justify a rejection of our "folk" theory of the mind, and of its ontology. In the first half of this book Stich, who was at one time a leading advocate of eliminativism, maintains that even if the sciences develop in the ways that eliminativists (...)
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  3. George Botterill (1994). Beliefs, Functionally Discrete States, and Connectionist Networks. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 45 (3):899-906.score: 60.0
  4. Andy Clark (1990). Connectionist Minds. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 90:83-102.score: 60.0
  5. Andy Clark (1995). Connectionist Minds. In Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society. Cambridge: Blackwell 83 - 102.score: 60.0
  6. Paul Smolensky (1995). On the Projectable Predicates of Connectionist Psychology: A Case for Belief. In C. Macdonald & Graham F. Macdonald (eds.), Connectionism: Debates on Psychological Explanation. Blackwellscore: 60.0
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  7. William Ramsey, Stephen P. Stich & J. Garon (1991). Connectionism, Eliminativism, and the Future of Folk Psychology. In William Ramsey, Stephen P. Stich & D. Rumelhart (eds.), Philosophical Perspectives. Lawrence Erlbaum 499-533.score: 30.0