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    Garrett Wallace Brown & David Held (eds.) (2010). The Cosmopolitanism Reader. Polity.
    The world is becoming deeply interconnected, whereby actions in one part of the world can have profound repercussions elsewhere. In a world of overlapping communities of fate, there has been a renewed enthusiasm for thinking about what it is that human beings have in common, and to explore the ethical basis of this. This has led to a renewed interest in examining the normative principles that might underpin efforts to resolve global collective action problems and to ameliorate serious global risks. (...)
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    Garrett Wallace Brown (2006). Kantian Cosmopolitan Law and the Idea of a Cosmopolitan Constitution. History of Political Thought 27 (4):661-684.
    The purpose of this article is to outline a Kantian form of cosmopolitan law and the jurisprudence involved in the creation of a cosmopolitan constitution. This article explores and discusses Kantian cosmopolitan law, the idea of cosmopolitan right, the laws of hospitality and a Kantian approach to constitutional cosmopolitanism. In doing so, the article argues beyond Kant's discussion of constitutionalism, suggesting that a written constitution not only articulates many of Kant's cosmopolitan concerns, but also provides a reasonable ethical foundation for (...)
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    Garrett Wallace Brown (2010). Kant's Cosmopolitanism. In Garrett Wallace Brown & David Held (eds.), The Cosmopolitanism Reader. Polity