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  1. B. Hunter Ball, Kathleen N. Klein & Gene A. Brewer (2014). Processing Fluency Mediates the Influence of Perceptual Information on Monitoring Learning of Educationally Relevant Materials. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 20 (4):336-348.
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    Gene A. Brewer, Justin Knight, J. Thadeus Meeks & Richard L. Marsh (2011). On the Role of Imagery in Event-Based Prospective Memory. Consciousness and Cognition 20 (3):901-907.
    The role of imagery in encoding event-based prospective memories has yet to be fully clarified. Herein, it is argued that imagery augments a cue-to-context association that supports event-based prospective memory performance. By this account, imagery encoding not only improves prospective memory performance but also reduces interference to intention-related information that occurs outside of context. In the current study, when lure words occurred outside of the appropriate responding context, the use of imagery encoding strategies resulted in less interference when compared with (...)
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    J. Thadeus Meeks, Justin B. Knight, Gene A. Brewer, Gabriel I. Cook & Richard L. Marsh (2014). Investigating the Subjective Reports of Rejection Processes in the Word Frequency Mirror Effect. Consciousness and Cognition 24:57-69.
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    Carson Cook, B. Hunter Ball & Gene A. Brewer (2014). No Effects of Executive Control Depletion on Prospective Memory Retrieval Processes. Consciousness and Cognition 27:121-128.
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