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Geoffrey Waite [3]Geoff Waite [2]
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    Geoffrey Waite (2010). Kant, Schmitt or Fues on Political Theology, Radical Evil and the Foe. Philosophical Forum 41 (1):205-227.
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    Geoffrey Waite & Stanley Corngold (2009). 9. A Question Of Responsibility: Nietzsche With H¨Olderlin At War, 1914 – 1946. In Robert S. Wistrich & Jacob Golomb (eds.), Nietzsche, Godfather of Fascism?: On the Uses and Abuses of a Philosophy. Princeton University Press 196-214.
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  3. Geoff Waite (1996). Nietzsche's Corps/E: Aesthetics, Politics, Prophecy, or, the Spectacular Technoculture of Everyday Life. Duke University Press Books.
    Appearing between two historical touchstones—the alleged end of communism and the 100th anniversary of Nietzsche’s death—this book offers a provocative hypothesis about the philosopher’s afterlife and the fate of leftist thought and culture. At issue is the relation of the dead Nietzsche and his written work to subsequent living Nietzscheanism across the political spectrum, but primarily among a leftist _corps_ that has been programmed and manipulated by concealed dimensions of the philosopher’s thought. If anyone is responsible for what Geoff Waite (...)
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  4. Geoff Waite (2009). Nietzsche Rhetoric Nihilism : Every Name in History, Every Style, Everything Permitted? (A Political Philology of the Last Letter). In Jeffrey A. Metzger (ed.), Nietzsche, Nihilism, and the Philosophy of the Future. Continuum