1. George E. Atwood (2011). The Abyss of Madness. Routledge.
    Despite the many ways in which the so-called psychoses can become manifest, they are ultimately human events arising out of human contexts. As such, they can be understood in an intersubjective manner, removing the stigmatizing boundary between madness and sanity. Utilizing the post-Cartesian psychoanalytic approach of phenomenological contextualism, as well as almost 50 years of clinical experience, George Atwood presents detailed case studies depicting individuals in crisis and the successes and failures that occurred in their treatment. Topics range from depression (...)
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  2. George E. Atwood (1984). Structures of Subjectivity: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Phenomenology. Distributed by L. Erlbaum Associates.
  3. R. D. Stolorow & George E. Atwood (1987). From the Subjectivity of Science to a Science of Subjectivity. In Robert Stern (ed.), Theories of the Unconscious and Theories of the Self. Analytic Press 213--220.
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