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    George F. Bartle (1991). Benthamites and Lancasterians—The Relationship Between the Followers of Bentham and the British and Foreign School Society During the Early Years of Popular Education. Utilitas 3 (02):275-.
    Much has been written about the Benthamite theories of education and their debt to monitorialism. Bentham himself, in Chrestomathia , based his blueprint for the schools of the future on the use of monitors, and James Mill, in his various articles on education, envisaged universal schooling within a monitorial framework. In more recent times, scholars, such as Burston, have discussed the influence of the theory of mutual instruction on Utilitarian educational thought. Yet in all this output, little attention has been (...)
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    R. Banse, K. S. Barber, J. A. Bargh, R. M. Baron, R. Bartle, F. C. Bartlett, P. Baumgartner & L. Van Beethoven (2002). Name Lndex. In Robert Trappl (ed.), Emotions in Humans and Artifacts. Bradford Book/MIT Press 377.
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    George J. Annas (1984). Prisoner in the ICU: The Tragedy of William Bartling. Hastings Center Report 14 (6):28-29.
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