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  1. George P. Prigatano (2005). Therapy for Emotional and Motivational Disorders. In Walter M. High Jr, Angelle M. Sander, Margaret A. Struchen & Karen A. Hart (eds.), Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury. Oxford University Press 423--475.
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  2. George P. Prigatano & Sterling C. Johnson (2003). The Three Vectors of Consciousness and Their Disturbances After Brain Injury. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 13 (1):13-29.
  3. David G. Lamb & George P. Prigatano (2000). Malingering and Feigned Memory Disorders. In G. Berrios & J. Hodges (eds.), Memory Disorders in Psychiatric Practice. Cambridge University Press 456.
  4. George P. Prigatano (1991). Disturbances of Self-Awareness of Deficit After Traumatic Brain Injury. In G. P. Prigatono & Daniel L. Schacter (eds.), Awareness of Deficit After Brain Injury: Clinical and Theoretical Issues. Oxford University Press 111--126.
  5. George P. Prigatano & Daniel L. Schacter (eds.) (1991). Awareness of Deficits After Brain Injury. Oxford University Press.
    This volume provides, for the first time, multidisciplinary perspectives on the problem of awareness of deficits following brain injury.
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