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    Gerald Weissmann (2000). [Book Review] Darwin's Audubon, Science and the Liberal Imagination. [REVIEW] Science and Society 64 (1):128-130.
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  2. Gerald Weissmann (2009). Mortal and Immortal Dna: Science and the Lure of Myth. Bellevue Literary Press.
    Mortal and immortal DNA : Craig Venter and the lure of "lamia" -- Homeopathy : Holmes, hogwarts, and the Prince of Wales -- Citizen Pinel and the madman at Bellevue -- The experimental pathology of stress : Hans Selye to Paris Hilton -- Gore's fever and Dante's Inferno : Chikungunya reaches Ravenna -- Giving things their proper names : Carl Linnaeus and W.H. Auden -- Spinal irritation and fibromyalgia : Lincoln's surgeon general and the three graces -- Tithonus and the (...)
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