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    Geraldine Coggins (2003). World and Object: Metaphysical Nihilism and Three Accounts of Worlds. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 103 (3):353–360.
    The study of metaphysical possibility involves two central questions: (i) What are possible worlds? (ii) Is there an empty possible world? In looking at the first question we consider the different accounts of possible worlds-Lewisian realism, ersatzism, etc. In looking at the second question we consider the discussions of metaphysical nihilism, the modal ontological arguments, etc. In this paper I am drawing these two questions together in order to show how the position we hold on one of these issues affects (...)
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    Geraldine Coggins (2008). Metaphysical Nihilism. Philosophical Books 49 (3):229-237.
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    Aviv Hoffman & Geraldine Coggins (2005). Metaphysics. Philosophical Books 46 (2):163-167.
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  4. Geraldine Coggins (2010). Could There Have Been Nothing?: Against Metaphysical Nihilism. Palgrave Macmillan.
    Machine generated contents note: Introduction -- Possible Worlds -- The Subtraction Argument -- The Metaphysics of Subtraction -- World and Object -- Metaphysical Nihilism -- Anti-nihilism -- Conclusion -- Index.
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