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    Gijs Van Donselaar (2009). The Right to Exploit: Parasitism, Scarcity, and Basic Income. OUP Usa.
    This book explores how traditional theories of economic justice, both from the libertarian right and the egalitarian left, have failed to appreciate the objection against exploitative behavior that would be possible through the exercise of property rights. This failure also underlies the recent plea for a so-called unconditional basic income.
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    Gijs van Donselaar (2013). Sticks or Carrots? The Emergence of Self-Ownership. Ethics 123 (4):700-716.
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    Gijs van Donselaar (1998). Philippe Van Parijs: Real Freedom for All. What (If Anything) Can Justify Capitalism? [REVIEW] Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 1 (1):127-128.
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    Gijs van Donselaar (1998). The Freedom-Based Account of Solidarity and Basic Income. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 1 (3):313-333.
    Real-libertarianism, as it is expressed in Philippe Van Parijs' recent monograph Real Freedom for All is characteristically committed to both self-ownership and 'solidarity with the infirm or handicapped. In this article it is argued that the conception of freedom that is used to endorse self-ownership is inconsistent with the conception of freedom or opportunity that is used to justify transfer payments to those with no or low earning capacity. The problem turns around the question whether one's freedom consists in the (...)
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