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  1. A. D. Irvine (1995). Kurt Goedel, Collected Works. Volumes I and II. Philosophia Mathematica 3:299-299.
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  2. Francesco Orilia (1994). Logica e teologia: l'argomento ontologico di Kurt Goedel. Nuova Civiltà Delle Macchine 12 (4):95-104.
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  3. R. Michael Perry (2006). Consciousness as Computation: A Defense of Strong AI Based on Quantum-State Functionalism. In Charles Tandy (ed.), Death and Anti-Death, Volume 4: Twenty Years After De Beauvoir, Thirty Years After Heidegger. Palo Alto: Ria University Press
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    John Corcoran & Stewart Shapiro (1978). What is Mathematical Logic? Philosophia 8 (1):79-94.
    This review concludes that if the authors know what mathematical logic is they have not shared their knowledge with the readers. This highly praised book is replete with errors and incoherency.
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    David L. Boyer (1983). R. Lucas, Kurt Godel, and Fred Astaire. Philosophical Quarterly 33 (April):147-59.
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    Paolo Mancosu (2004). Book Review: Kurt Gödel. Collected Works, Volumes IV and V. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 45 (12):109-125.
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    John Burgess (2010). On the Outside Looking in : A Caution About Conservativeness. In Kurt Gödel, Solomon Feferman, Charles Parsons & Stephen G. Simpson (eds.), Kurt Gödel: Essays for His Centennial. Association for Symbolic Logic
    My contribution to the symposium on Goedel’s philosophy of mathematics at the spring 2006 Association for Symbolic Logic meeting in Montreal. Provisional version: references remain to be added. To appear in an ASL volume of proceedings of the Goedel sessions at that meeting.
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