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Profile: Kurt Goedel
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    A. D. Irvine (1995). Kurt Goedel, Collected Works. Volumes I and II. Philosophia Mathematica 3:299-299.score: 120.0
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    R. Michael Perry (2006). Consciousness as Computation: A Defense of Strong AI Based on Quantum-State Functionalism. In Charles Tandy (ed.), Death and Anti-Death, Volume 4: Twenty Years After De Beauvoir, Thirty Years After Heidegger. Palo Alto: Ria University Pressscore: 60.0
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    David L. Boyer (1983). R. Lucas, Kurt Godel, and Fred Astaire. Philosophical Quarterly 33 (April):147-59.score: 42.1
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    Paolo Mancosu (2004). Book Review: Kurt Gödel. Collected Works, Volumes IV and V. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 45 (12):109-125.score: 42.0
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    John Burgess (2010). On the Outside Looking in : A Caution About Conservativeness. In Kurt Gödel, Solomon Feferman, Charles Parsons & Stephen G. Simpson (eds.), Kurt Gödel: Essays for His Centennial. Association for Symbolic Logicscore: 12.0
    My contribution to the symposium on Goedel’s philosophy of mathematics at the spring 2006 Association for Symbolic Logic meeting in Montreal. Provisional version: references remain to be added. To appear in an ASL volume of proceedings of the Goedel sessions at that meeting.
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