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  1. Gregory F. Mellema (1997). Collective Responsibility. Brill | Rodopi.
    Groups of people are commonly said to be collectively responsible for what has happened. Sometimes the groups claimed to be responsible are vast in size, as when collective responsibility is ascribed to the class of all Americans or the class of all white males. In this book the concept of collective responsibility is analyzed. It is examined not only in the light of what philosophical proponents have said about it, but a genuine attempt is made to make sense of what (...)
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  2. Gregory F. Mellema (2010). Moral Ideals and Virtue Ethics. Journal of Ethics 14 (2):173-180.
    There have traditionally been two schools of thought regarding moral ideals and their relationship with moral duty. First, many have held that moral agents at all times have a duty or obligation to realize or attain moral ideals, or at least they have a duty to strive to realize or attain them. A second school of thought has maintained that attaining or pursuing moral ideals is supererogatory or beyond the call of duty. Recently a third school of thought has been (...)
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    Gregory F. Mellema (2010). Moral Ideals and Virtue Ethics. Journal of Ethics 14 (2):173-180.
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  4. Gregory F. Mellema (ed.) (2004). The Expectations of Morality. Rodopi.
    "This book opens up a whole new, and intriguing vista. Eventually others will see Mellema’s discussion as having shattered the old rigidities and made us see that the ethic of action is far richer, far less stereotyped, than we have been taught to think.”Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor,Department of Philosophy, Yale University----Moral expectation is a concept with which all of us are well acquainted. Already as children we learn that certain courses of action are expected of us. We are expected (...)
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