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  1. Hallie Rose Liberto (2009). Normalizing Prostitution Versus Normalizing the Alienability of Sexual Rights: A Response to Scott A. Anderson. Ethics 120 (1):138-145.
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    Hallie Rose Liberto (2012). Denying the Suberogatory. Philosophia 40 (2):395-402.
    Julia Driver has argued that there is a special set of actions, lodged between neutral actions and wrongful actions called suberogatory actions. These actions are not impermissible, according to Driver, but still strike us as troubling or bad, and are therefore worse than morally neutral (1992). Since this paper was written 20 years ago, many philosophers have utilized or alluded to this moral territory. The existence of some action-types that are not wrong but still carry some dis-value has become a (...)
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  3. Henry S. Richardson, Cécile Fabre, Joshua Glasgow, Alison Hills, Kieran Setiya & Hallie Rose Liberto (2009). 10. Neil MacCormick, Practical Reason in Law and Morality Neil MacCormick, Practical Reason in Law and Morality (Pp. 192-196). In John Hawthorne (ed.), Ethics. Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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