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Profile: Hannes Ole Matthiessen (Humboldt-University, Berlin)
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    Hannes Ole Matthiessen (forthcoming). Empirical Conditions for a Reidean Geometry of Visual Experience. Topoi.
    Thomas Reid's Geometry of Visibles, according to which the geometrical properties of an object's perspectival appearance equal the geometrical properties of its projection on the inside of a sphere with the eye in its centre allows for two different interpretations. It may (1) be understood as a theory about phenomenal visual space – i.e. an account of how things appear to human observers from a certain point of view – or it may (2) be seen as a mathematical model of (...)
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    Hannes Ole Matthiessen (2010). Seeing and Hearing Directly. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 1 (1):91-103.
    According to Paul Snowdon, one directly perceives an object x iff one is in a position to make a true demonstrative judgement of the form “That is x”. Whenever one perceives an object x indirectly (or dependently , as Snowdon puts it) it is the case that there exists an item y (which is not identical to x) such that one can count as demonstrating x only if one acknowledges that y bears a certain relation to x. In this paper (...)
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    Claudia Blöser, Mikael Janvid, Hannes Ole Matthiessen & Marcus Willaschek (eds.) (2013). Defeasibility in Philosophy: Knowledge, Agency, Responsibility, and the Law. Editions Rodopi.
    Defeasibility, most generally speaking, means that given some set of conditions A, something else B will hold, unless or until defeating conditions C apply. While the term was introduced into philosophy by legal philosopher H.L.A. Hart in 1949, today, the concept of defeasibility is employed in many different areas of philosophy. This volume for the first time brings together contributions on defeasibility from epistemology , legal philosophy and ethics and the philosophy of action . The volume ends with an extensive (...)
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  4. Claudia Blöser, Mikael Janvid, Hannes Ole Matthiessen & Marcus Willaschek (2013). Introduction. Grazer Philosophische Studien 87:1-8.