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  1. Harold F. Cherniss (1980). The Riddle of the Early Academy. Garland Pub..
    Plato's lectures: a hypothesis for an enigma.--Speusippus, Xenocrates, and the polemical method of Aristotle.--The Academy: orthodoxy, heresy, or philosophical interpretation?
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  2. Harold F. Cherniss (1977). Selected Papers. Brill.
    ... a professor of English literature was widely acclaimed for having made an important discovery in his field of research ; he had found in certain English ...
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  3. Harold F. Cherniss (1964). Aristotle's Criticism of Presocratic Philosophy. New York, Octagon Books.
  4. Harold F. Cherniss (1944). Aristotle's Criticism of Plato and the Academy. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press.
  5. Harold F. Cherniss (1930/1971). The Platonism of Gregory of Nyssa. New York,B. Franklin.