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    Harry A. Ide (2002). Complex Property Structure in Plato's Philebus. Ancient Philosophy 22 (2):263-276.
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    Harry Ide (1992). Chrysippus's Response to Diodorus's Master Argument. History and Philosophy of Logic 13 (2):133-148.
    Chrysippus claims that some propositions perish. including some true conditionals whose consequent is impossible and antecedent is possible, to which he appeals against Diodorus?s Master Argument. On the standard interpretation. perished propositions lack truth values. and these conditionals are true at the same time as their antecedents arc possible and consequents impossible. But perished propositions are false, and Chrysippus?s conditionals are true when their antecedent and consequent arc possible, and false when their antecedent is possible and consequent impossible. The claim (...)
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    Harry A. Ide (1993). Aristotle Metaphysics VI 2-3 and Coincidences. Ancient Philosophy 13 (2):341-354.
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    Harry A. Ide (1993). Hobbes's Contractarian Account of Individual Responsibility for Group Actions. Journal of Value Inquiry 27 (3-4):455-464.