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  1. Jamie Ward, Vera Burckhardt & Henning Holle (2013). Contagious Scratching: Shared Feelings but Not Shared Body Locations. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.
  2. Henning Holle, Christian Obermeier, Maren Schmidt-Kassow, Angela D. Friederici, Jamie Ward & Thomas C. Gunter (2012). Gesture Facilitates the Syntactic Analysis of Speech. Frontiers in Psychology 3.
    Recent research suggests that the brain routinely binds together information from gesture and speech. However, most of this research focused on the integration of representational gestures with the semantic content of speech. Much less is known about how other aspects of gesture, such as emphasis, influence the interpretation of the syntactic relations in a spoken message. Here, we investigated whether beat gestures alter which syntactic structure is assigned to ambiguous spoken German sentences. The P600 component of the Event Related Brain (...)
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  3. Henning Holle, Michael Banissy, Thomas Wright, Natalie Bowling & Jamie Ward (2011). “That's Not a Real Body”: Identifying Stimulus Qualities That Modulate Synaesthetic Experiences of Touch. Consciousness and Cognition 20 (3):720-726.