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    Ana Sofia Morais, Henrik Olsson & Lael J. Schooler (2013). Mapping the Structure of Semantic Memory. Cognitive Science 37 (1):125-145.
    Aggregating snippets from the semantic memories of many individuals may not yield a good map of an individual’s semantic memory. The authors analyze the structure of semantic networks that they sampled from individuals through a new snowball sampling paradigm during approximately 6 weeks of 1-hr daily sessions. The semantic networks of individuals have a small-world structure with short distances between words and high clustering. The distribution of links follows a power law truncated by an exponential cutoff, meaning that most words (...)
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    Peter Juslin, Linnea Karlsson & Henrik Olsson (2008). Information Integration in Multiple Cue Judgment: A Division of Labor Hypothesis. Cognition 106 (1):259-298.
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    Peter Juslin, Henrik Olsson & Anna-Carin Olsson (2003). Exemplar Effects in Categorization and Multiple-Cue Judgment. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 132 (1):133.
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    Henry Brighton & Henrik Olsson (2009). Identifying the Optimal Response is Not a Necessary Step Toward Explaining Function. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 (1):85-86.