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    Hong Yu Wong (2012). A Measure of My Agency? Consciousness and Cognition 21 (1):48-51.
  2. Richard Corry, Robert N. Brandon, H. Frederik Nijhout, Richard Dawid, Ron Mallon, Jonathan M. Weinberg & Hong Yu Wong (2006). Causal Realism and the Laws of Nature. In Borchert (ed.), Philosophy of Science. Macmillan 261-276.
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    Hong Yu Wong (2006). Emergents From Fusion. Philosophy of Science 73 (3):345-367.
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  4. Hong Yu Wong (2010). 1 The Secret Lives of Emergents. In Antonella Corradini & Timothy O'Connor (eds.), Emergence in Science and Philosophy. Routledge 7.
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  5. Hong Yu Wong (2005). The Metaphysics of Emergence. Noûs 39 (4):658 - 678.
    The following framework of theses, roughly hewn, shapes contemporary discussion of the problem of mental causation: (1) Non-Identity of the Mental and the Physical Mental properties and states cannot be identified with specific physical properties and states. (2) Causal Closure (Completeness) of the Physical The objective probability of every physical event is fixed by prior physical events and laws alone. (This thesis is sometimes expressed in terms of explanation: In tracing the causal history of any physical event, one need not (...)
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    Hong Yu Wong, Emergent Properties.
    Emergence is a notorious philosophical term of art. A variety of theorists have appropriated it for their purposes ever since George Henry Lewes gave it a philosophical sense in his 1875 Problems of Life and Mind. We might roughly characterize the shared meaning thus: emergent entities (properties or substances) ‘arise’ out of more fundamental entities and yet are ‘novel’ or ‘irreducible’ with respect to them. (For example, it is sometimes said that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain.) Each (...)
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  7. Hong Yu Wong (2007). Cartesian Psychophysics. In Peter van Inwagen & Dean Zimmerman (eds.), Persons: Human and Divine. Clarendon Press
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