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  1. Ingrid Creppell (2003). The Democratic Element in Hobbes's' Behemoth'. Filozofski Vestnik 24 (2):7-35.
  2. Ingrid Creppell (2001). Montaigne: The Embodiment of Identity as Grounds for Toleration. Res Publica 7 (3):247-271.
    One of the most important issues today is the conflict between identity groups. Can the concept of toleration provide resources for thinking about this? The standard definition of toleration – rejection or disapproval of a practice or belief followed by a constraint of oneself from repressing it –has limits. If we seek to make political and social conditions of toleration among diverse people a stable reality, we need to flesh out more deeply and widely what that depends upon. The essence (...)
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  3. Ingrid Creppell (2000). White's Weak Ontology: The Bearable Lightness of Being. Theory and Event 4 (2).
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  4. Ingrid Creppell (1996). Locke on Toleration: The Transformation of Constraint. Political Theory 24 (2):200-240.