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  1. Inneke Kerkhof, Elfi Goesaert, Trinette Dirikx, Debora Vansteenwegen, Frank Baeyens, Rudi D'Hooge & Dirk Hermans (2009). Assessing Valence Indirectly and Online. Cognition and Emotion 23 (8):1615-1629.
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    Eline Verbeke, Wilfried Peeters, Inneke Kerkhof, Patricia Bijttebier, Jean Steyaert & Johan Wagemans (2005). Lack of Motivation to Share Intentions: Primary Deficit in Autism? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (5):718-719.
    We review evidence regarding Tomasello et al.'s proposal that individuals with autism understand intentions but fail socially because of a lack of motivation to share intentions. We argue that they are often motivated to understand others but fail because they lack the perceptual integration skills that are needed to apply their basically intact theory of mind skills in complex social situations.
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    B. Kerkhof (1995). A Fatal Attraction? Smith's 'Theory of Moral Sentiments' and Mandeville's 'Fable'. History of Political Thought 16 (2):219.
    will point out that Mandeville makes a fundamental distinction between �self-love� and �self-liking�; �self-love� being the immediate orientation towards our self-preservation and �self-liking� being comparative: it is our inclination to overrate ourselves in comparison with others. We are more or less conscious that we overestimate ourselves and for this reason we constantly have to nourish our �self-liking�. To do this we even have sometimes to conquer our �fear of death� (self-love), e.g. when we commit suicide to avoid shame. The presupposition (...)
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  4. Hhh Van Erp (1996). Review of the book Kritiek als politieke stellingname, B. Kerkhof & W. van Kuylen, 1996, 90-5573-052-1. [REVIEW] Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte 88 (2):161-163.
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    Marleen van de Kerkhof, Annemarie Groot, Marien Borgstein & Leontien Bos-Gorter (2010). Moving Beyond the Numbers: A Participatory Evaluation of Sustainability in Dutch Agriculture. [REVIEW] Agriculture and Human Values 27 (3):307-319.
    Environmental pollution, animal diseases, and food scandals have marked the agricultural sector in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the 1990s. The sector was high on the political and societal agenda and plans were developed to redesign the sector into a more sustainable direction. Generally, monitoring of the agricultural sector is done by means of quantitative indicators to measure social, ecological, and economic performance. To give more attention to the normative character of sustainable development, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and (...)
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