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    Till Grüne-Yanoff, Caterina Marchionni & Ivan Moscati (2014). Introduction: Methodologies of Bounded Rationality. Journal of Economic Methodology 21 (4):325-342.
    The modelling of bounded rationality is currently pursued by approaches that exhibit a wide diversity of methodologies. This special issue collects five contributions that discuss different methodological aspects of these approaches. In our introduction, we map the variety of methodological positions with respect to three questions. First, what kinds of evidence do the respective approaches consider relevant for modelling bounded rationality? Second, what kind of modelling desiderata do the respective approaches focus on? And third, how do the respective approaches justify (...)
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    Ivan Moscati & Paola Tubaro (2011). Becker Random Behavior and the as-If Defense of Rational Choice Theory in Demand Analysis. Journal of Economic Methodology 18 (2):107-128.
    In discussing rational choice theory (RCT) as an explanation of demand behavior, Becker (1962, Journal of Political Economy, 70, 1?13) proposed a model of random choice in which consumers pick a bundle on their budget line according to a uniform distribution. This model has then been used in various ways to assess the validity of RCT and to support as-if arguments in defense of it. This paper makes both historical and methodological contributions. Historically, it investigates how the interpretation of Becker (...)
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    Ivan Moscati (2010). The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics: A Handbook , Ed. Andrew Caplin and Andrew Schotter. Oxford University Press, 2008, XXII + 382 Pages. [REVIEW] Economics and Philosophy 26 (1):101-108.
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    Ivan Moscati (2011). Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory. From Chess to Social Science, 1900–1960. Journal of Economic Methodology 18 (4):434-440.
    Journal of Economic Methodology, Volume 18, Issue 4, Page 434-440, December 2011.
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