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  1. Jürgen Audretsch & Vladimir D. Skarzhinsky (1998). Quantum Processes Beyond the Aharonov-Bohm Effect. Foundations of Physics 28 (5):777-788.
    We consider QED processes in the presence of an infinitely thin and infinitely long straight string with a magnetic flux inside it. The bremsstrahlung from an electron passing by the magnetic string and the electron-positron pair production by a single photon are reviewed. Based on the exact electron and positron solutions of the Dirac equation in the external Aharonov-Bohm potential we present matrix elements for these processes. The dependence of the resulting cross sections on energies, directions, and polarizations of the (...)
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    Jürgen Audretsch (1981). Quantum Gravity and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 12 (2):322-339.
    Summary In a case study Kuhn's morphology of scientific revolutions is put to the test in confronting it with the contemporary developments in physics. It is shown in detail, that Kuhn's scheme is not compatible with the situation in physics today.
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  3. Jürgen Audretsch & Klaus Mainzer (1988). Philosophie Und Physik der Raum-Zeit. Monograph Collection (Matt - Pseudo).
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  4. Jürgen Audretsch & Klaus Mainzer (eds.) (1990). Wieviele Leben Hat Schrödingers Katze? Bibliographisches Institut.