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    E. Richard Gold, Wen Adams, David Castle, Ghislaine Cleret De Langavant, L. Martin Cloutier, Abdallah S. Daar, Amy Glass, Pamela J. Smith & Louise Bernier (2004). The Unexamined Assumptions of Intellectual Property. Public Affairs Quarterly 18 (4):299-344.
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    J. Cloutier & C. NeilmaCrae (2008). The Feeling of Choosing: Self-Involvement and the Cognitive Status of Things Past. Consciousness and Cognition 17 (1):125-135.
    Previous research has demonstrated that self-involvement enhances the memorability of information encountered in the past. The emergence of this effect, however, is dependent on guided evaluative processing and the explicit association of items with self. It remains to be seen, therefore, whether self-memory effects would emerge in task contexts characterized by incidental-encoding and minimal self-involvement. Integrating insights from work on source monitoring and action recognition, we hypothesized that the effects of self-involvement on memory function may be moderated by the extent (...)
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