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  1. J. G. Fitch (2004). Textual Notes on Hercules Oetaeus and on Seneca's Agamemnon and Thyestes. Classical Quarterly 54 (1):240-254.score: 870.0
  2. C. D. N. Costa (2003). The New Loeb of Seneca's Tragedies J. G. Fitch (Ed., Trans.): Seneca VIII: Tragedies I : Hercules, Trojan Women, Phoenician Women, Medea, Phaedra. (Loeb Classical Library 63.) Pp. VIII + 551. Cambridge, Ma and London: Harvard University Press, 2002. Cased, £14.50. Isbn: 0-674-99602-X. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 53 (02):369-.score: 450.0
  3. C. D. N. Costa (2005). Seneca's Tragedies Completed J. G. Fitch (Ed., Trans.): Seneca IX: Tragedies II: Oedipus, Agamemnon, Thyestes, Hercules on Oeta, Octavia. (Loeb Classical Library 78.) Pp. Viii + 654. Cambridge, MA and London: Harvard University Press, 2004. Cased, £14.50. ISBN: 0-674-99610-. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 55 (02):541-.score: 450.0
  4. Ethan Spanier (2014). (J.G.) Fitch (Trans.) Palladius: The Work of Farming (Opus Agriculturae) and Poem on Grafting. Pp. 302, Ills. Totnes: Prospect Books, 2013. Cased, £30. ISBN: 978-1-903018-92-7. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 64 (1):172-173.score: 450.0
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  5. Józef Kożuchowski (2006). Postęp a problem końca historii. Dyskusja J. Piepera z I. Kantem i filozofią postępu (J. G. Fitche, J. Gorres, F. Novalis). [REVIEW] Humanistyka I Przyrodoznawstwo 12.score: 150.0
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  6. Carl G. Hempel, Donald Davidson & Nicholas Rescher (eds.) (1970). Essays in Honor of Carl G. Hempel. Dordrecht,D. Reidel.score: 135.0
    Reminiscences of Peter, by P. Oppenheim.--Natural kinds, by W. V. Quine.--Inductive independence and the paradoxes of confirmation, by J. Hintikka.--Partial entailment as a basis for inductive logic, by W. C. Salmon.--Are there non-deductive logics?, by W. Sellars.--Statistical explanation vs. statistical inference, by R. C. Jeffre--Newcomb's problem and two principles of choice, by R. Nozick.--The meaning of time, by A. Grünbaum.--Lawfulness as mind-dependent, by N. Rescher.--Events and their descriptions: some considerations, by J. Kim.--The individuation of events, by D. Davidson.--On properties, by (...)
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