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    J. V. Canfield (2001). Private Language: The Diary Case. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 79 (3):377 – 394.score: 876.5
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    J. V. Canfield (2000). Wittgenstein on Mind and Language. Philosophical Review 109 (1):101-103.score: 870.1
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    William J. DeAngelis (1993). The Looking-Glass Self: An Examination of Self-Awareness John V. Canfield New York: Praeger Publishing, 1990, Xii + 238 Pp. US$45.00. [REVIEW] Dialogue 32 (03):623-.score: 219.0
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    George Wrisley (2011). Wherefore the Failure of Private Ostension? Australasian Journal of Philosophy 89 (3):483 - 498.score: 87.3
    ?258 of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations is often seen as the core of his private language argument. While its role is certainly overinflated and it is a mistake to think that there is anything that could be called the private language argument, ?258 is an important part of the private language sections of the Philosophical Investigations. As with so much of Wittgenstein's work, there are widely diverse interpretations of why exactly the private diarist's attempted ostensive definition fails. I argue for a (...)
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    Roderick M. Chisholm & Keith Lehrer (eds.) (1975). Analysis and Metaphysics: Essays in Honor of R. M. Chisholm. D. Reidel Pub. Co..score: 87.0
    Taylor, R. A tribute.--Epistemology: Cornman, J. W. Chisholm on sensing and perceiving. Ross, J. F. Testimonial evidence. Lehrer, K. Reason and consistency. Keim, R. Epistemic values and epistemic viewpoints. Hanen, M. Confirmation, explanation, and acceptance. Canfield, J. V. "I know that I am in pain" is senseless. Steel, T. J. Knowledge and the self-presenting.--Metaphysics: Cartwright, R. Scattered objects. Duggan, T. J. Hume on causation. Arnaud, R. B. Brentanist relations. Johnson, M. L., Jr. Events as recurrables.--Ethics: Stevenson, J. T. On (...)
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