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  1. Jacob K. Goeree, Charles A. Holt & Rouss Hall, Ten Little Treasures of Game Theory and ten Intuitive Contradictions.score: 870.0
    This paper reports laboratory data for games that are played only once. These games span the standard categories: static and dynamic games with complete and incomplete information. For each game, the treasure is a treatment in which behavior conforms nicely to predictions of the Nash equilibrium or relevant refinement. In each case, however, a change in the payoff structure produces a large inconsistency between theoretical predictions and observed behavior. These contradictions are generally consistent with simple intuition based on the interaction (...)
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  2. Jacob K. Goeree & Charles A. Holt (2002). Learning in Economics Experiments. In Lynn Nadel (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Macmillan. 2--1060.score: 870.0