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    Marko Malink & Jacob Rosen (2013). Proof by Assumption of the Possible in Prior Analytics 1.15. Mind 122 (488):953-986.
    In Prior Analytics 1.15 Aristotle undertakes to establish certain modal syllogisms of the form XQM. Although these syllogisms are central to his modal system, the proofs he offers for them are problematic. The precise structure of these proofs is disputed, and it is often thought that they are invalid. We propose an interpretation which resolves the main difficulties with them: the proofs are valid given a small number of intrinsically plausible assumptions, although they are in tension with some claims found (...)
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    Jacob Rosen (2012). Motion and Change in Aristotles Physics 5. 1. Phronesis 57 (1):63-99.
    Abstract This paper illustrates how Aristotle's topological theses about change in Physics 5-6 can help address metaphysical issues. Two distinctions from Physics 5. 1 are discussed: changing per se versus changing per aliud ; motion versus change. Change from white to black is motion and alteration, whereas change from white to not white is neither. But is not every change from white to black identical with a change from white to not white? Theses from Physics 6 refute the identity. Is (...)
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  3. Jacob Rosen & Marko Malink (2012). A Method of Modal Proof in Aristotle. In Brad Inwood (ed.), Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy. Oxford University Press
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    Jacob Rosen (2008). Review of Sarah Broadie, Aristotle and Beyond: Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2008 (6).
  5. Erik Hemberg, Jacob Rosen, Geoff Warner, Sanith Wijesinghe & Una-May O’Reilly (2016). Detecting Tax Evasion: A Co-Evolutionary Approach. Artificial Intelligence and Law 24 (2):149-182.
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