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    Jaeho Kang (2010). The Media and the Crisis of Democracy: Rethinking Aesthetic Politics. Theoria 57 (124):1-22.
    This essay reassesses the German-Jewish social and cultural critic, Walter Benjamin's famous, yet widely misunderstood thesis of the aestheticisation of politics with reference to the development of the mass media and the crisis of democracy. I argue that his thesis of the aestheticisation of politics represents the focal point of his account of both the crisis of liberal democracy as a deliberative and representative political system and the emergence of fascism as a form of direct political communication between a political (...)
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    Jaeho Kang (2011). The Spectacle of Modernity: Walter Benjamin and a Critique of Culture (Kulturkritik). Constellations 18 (1):74-90.
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    Jaeho Kang (2013). From Cine-Eye to Cine-Fist: Technological Innvervation in Media Space. Episteme 9:301-339.
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