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  1. James A. T. Lancaster (2012). Natural Histories of Religion: A (Baconian) “Science”? Perspectives on Science 20 (2):246-267.
  2. James A. T. Lancaster (2012). Natural Knowledge as a Propaedeutic to Self-Betterment Francis Bacon and the Transformation of Natural History. Early Science and Medicine 17 (1-2):181-196.
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  3. James A. T. Lancaster (2011). The Semantic Structure of Evolutionary Biology as an Argument Against Intelligent Design. Zygon 46 (1):26-46.
    Abstract. This paper examines the impact of two formalizations of evolutionary biology on the antiselectionist critiques of the Intelligent Design (ID) movement. It looks first at attempts to apply the syntactic framework of the physical sciences to biology in the twentieth century, and to their effect upon the ID movement. It then examines the more heuristic account of biological-theory structure, namely, the semantic model. Finally, it concludes by advocating the semantic conception and emphasizing the problems that the semantic model creates (...)
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  4. James A. T. Lancaster (2010). Deism in Enlightenment England. Theology, Politics, and Newtonian Public Science. Intellectual History Review 20 (4):536-538.
  5. James A. T. Lancaster (2010). Epicureanism at the Origins of Modernity. Intellectual History Review 20 (2):291-292.