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    James Mallet (2010). Why Was Darwin's View of Species Rejected by Twentieth Century Biologists? Biology and Philosophy 25 (4):497-527.
    Historians and philosophers of science agree that Darwin had an understanding of species which led to a workable theory of their origins. To Darwin species did not differ essentially from ‘varieties’ within species, but were distinguishable in that they had developed gaps in formerly continuous morphological variation. Similar ideas can be defended today after updating them with modern population genetics. Why then, in the 1930s and 1940s, did Dobzhansky, Mayr and others argue that Darwin failed to understand species and speciation? (...)
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    James Mallet (2000). Species and Their Names: Species: New Interdisciplinary Essays Edited by R.A. Wilson. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 15 (8):344--345.
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    Olof Leimar, Birgitta S. Tullberg & James Mallet (2012). Mimicry, Saltational Evolution, and the Crossing of Fitness Valleys. In E. Svensson & R. Calsbeek (eds.), The Adaptive Landscape in Evolutionary Biology. OUP Oxford 259.