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  1. James N. Rosenau (2005). Illusions of Power and Empire. History and Theory 44 (4):73–87.
    Subsequent to the end of the Cold War, analysts groped for an understanding of the overall structures of world politics that marked the emergence of a new epoch. As a result, the concept of empire became a major preoccupation, with the economic and military power of the United States considered sufficient for regarding it as an empire. Due to the proliferation of new microelectronic technologies and for a variety of other specified reasons, however, the constraints inherent in the new epoch (...)
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    James N. Rosenau (1992). Normative Challenges in a Turbulent World. Ethics and International Affairs 6 (1):1–19.
    Rosenau writes that the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is the story of convergence around political entities in order to preserve individual values in the context of collective needs and wants; but today the process of community building has been reversed.
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    James N. Rosenau (1999). Many Damn Things Simultaneously — at Least for Awhile. Theoria 46 (94):48-66.
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    James N. Rosenau (2000). Thinking Theory Thoroughly: Coherent Approaches to an Incoherent World. Westview Press.
    Think theory is thoroughly removed from explaining international crises such as Bosnia, Rwanda, and Korea? Think again! James Rosenau and Mary Durfee have teamed up to show how the same events take on different coloration depending on the theory used to explain them. In order to better understand world politics, the authors maintain, theory does make a difference. Thinking Theory Thoroughly is a primer for all kinds of readers who want to begin theorizing about international relations (IR). In this second (...)
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