1.  14
    James T. Bretzke (1995). The Tao of Confucian Virtue Ethics. International Philosophical Quarterly 35 (1):25-41.
    This article investigates the key aspects of the Confucian virtue ethics such as the "chun- tzu" (Superior Person), the Five Relationships of society, the particular Confucian virtues of "jen" (benevolence) and "li" (propriety), the moral vision of the "tao" (Way), and the understanding of the "t'ien- ming" (Mandate of Heaven). The thesis of the article is that the moral matrix provided by the web of social relationships allows the Confucian ethics of virtue to function well, and that a consideration of (...)
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    Luke J. Sim & James T. Bretzke (1994). The Notion of Sincerity (Cheng) in the Confucian Classics. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 21 (2):179-212.
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    James T. Bretzke (2001). Bibliography on East Asian Religion and Philosophy. E. Mellen Press.
    Machine generated contents note: INTRODUCTION 1 -- Focus of the Sections and Sub-sections 1 -- East Asian Internet Resources 1 -- A Note on Using the Index 2 -- GENERAL WORKS ON PHILOSOPHY& RELIGION IN ASIA 5 -- BUDDHISM 37 -- Primary Sources 37 -- Buddhist Ethics 38 -- Buddhism and Judeo-Christianity 52 -- Zen Buddhism 69 -- Other Works on Buddhism 76 -- CONFUCIANISM 95 -- Chinese and Confucian Classics 95 -- Translations of the Four Books 95 -- Translations (...)
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