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    Jamie Mayerfeld (1999). Suffering and Moral Responsibility. Oxford University Press.
    In this work, Jamie Mayerfeld undertakes a careful inquiry into the meaning and moral significance of suffering. Understanding suffering in hedonistic terms as an affliction of feeling, he claims that it is an objective psychological condition, amenable to measurement and interpersonal comparison, although its accurate assessment is never easy. Mayerfeld goes on to examine the content of the duty to prevent suffering and the weight it has relative to other moral considerations. He argues that the prevention of suffering is morally (...)
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    Jamie Mayerfeld (2008). In Defense of the Absolute Prohibition of Torture. Public Affairs Quarterly 22 (2):109-128.
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    Jamie Mayerfeld (1997). The Incrementalist Argument for a Strong Duty To Prevent Suffering. Journal of Social Philosophy 28 (1):5-21.
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    Jamie Mayerfeld (2006). Ending Impunity. Ethics and International Affairs 20 (3):361–366.
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