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Jan W. de Fockert [5]Jan de Fockert [2]
  1. Anusha Ramchurn, Jan W. de Fockert, Luke Mason, Stephen Darling & David Bunce (2014). Intraindividual Reaction Time Variability Affects P300 Amplitude Rather Than Latency. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
  2. Andrew J. Bremner, Serge Caparos, Jules Davidoff, Jan de Fockert, Karina J. Linnell & Charles Spence (2013). “Bouba” and “Kiki” in Namibia? A Remote Culture Make Similar Shape–Sound Matches, but Different Shape–Taste Matches to Westerners. Cognition 126 (2):165-172.
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    Serge Caparos, Lubna Ahmed, Andrew J. Bremner, Jan W. de Fockert, Karina J. Linnell & Jules Davidoff (2012). Exposure to an Urban Environment Alters the Local Bias of a Remote Culture. Cognition 122 (1):80-85.
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    Jan W. de Fockert & Andrew Cooper (2014). Higher Levels of Depression Are Associated with Reduced Global Bias in Visual Processing. Cognition and Emotion 28 (3):541-549.
  5. Nilli Lavie, Aleksandra Hirst, Jan W. de Fockert & Essi Viding (2004). Load Theory of Selective Attention and Cognitive Control. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 133 (3):339-354.
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    Zara M. Bergström, Max Velmans, Jan de Fockert & Alan Richardson-Klavehn (2007). ERP Evidence for Successful Voluntary Avoidance of Conscious Recollection. Brain Research 1151:119-133.
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    Jan W. de Fockert & Andrew J. Bremner (2011). Release of Inattentional Blindness by High Working Memory Load: Elucidating the Relationship Between Working Memory and Selective Attention. Cognition 121 (3):400-408.