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    Jari I. Niemi (2008). The Foundations of Jürgen Habermas's Discourse Ethics. Journal of Value Inquiry 42 (2):255-268.
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    Jari I. Niemi (2005). Jürgen Habermas's Theory of Communicative Rationality. Social Theory and Practice 31 (4):513-532.
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    Jari Niemi (2010). Do Arguments Against Self-Ownership Imply Anything Regarding the Equalisandum Debate? Social Philosophy Today 26:67-81.
    In this paper I pursue a possibility that some versions of arguments addressed against the libertarian notion of self-ownership have some definitive implications regarding the equalisandum debate carried out by egalitarians. I have in mind specifically the kind of approach that challenges self-ownership as a morally fundamental value through some inventive counterexamples. So, while I shall argue that the negative arguments against self-ownership are conclusive, my primary attempt is to demonstrate that such arguments can be employed to say something interesting (...)
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    Jari I. Niemi (2005). Habermas and Validity Claims. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 13 (2):227 – 244.
    At the heart of Jürgen Habermas's explication of communicative rationality is the contention that all speech acts oriented to understanding raise three different kinds of validity claims simultaneously: claims to truth, truthfulness, and normative rightness. This paper argues that Habermas presents exactly three distinct, logically independent arguments for his simultaneity thesis: an argument from structure; an argument from criticizability/rejectability; and an argument from understanding/reaching understanding. It is further maintained that the simultaneity thesis receives cogent support only from the Argument from (...)
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    Jari I. Niemi (2004). Review of “Michel Foucault”. [REVIEW] Essays in Philosophy 5 (1):29.
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