1.  14
    Jason Ferrell (2008). The Alleged Relativism of Isaiah Berlin. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 11 (1):41-56.
  2.  16
    Jason Ferrell (2009). Isaiah Berlin: Liberalism and Pluralism in Theory and Practice. Contemporary Political Theory 8 (3):295.
    One of the most pressing dilemmas of the moment concerns pluralism and the issue of justification: how does one defend a commitment to any particular position? The fear is that pluralism undercuts our ability to justify our moral and political views, and thereby leads to relativism. As I argue here, Isaiah Berlin provides an exemplary argument concerning the ties between pluralism and liberalism. Although Berlin admits there is no logical link between pluralism and liberalism, he nevertheless highlights plausible ties between (...)
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    Jason Ferrell (2012). Isaiah Berlin as Essayist. Political Theory 40 (5):602 - 628.
    One of the largest contemporary debates in political theory revolves around the question of how pluralists can justify their political commitments. Isaiah Berlin, one of the first to face this problem, was a self-proclaimed liberal, whose political writings have led to controversy. In this essay, I take up the issue of how Berlin's use of the essay genre contributes to his defense of liberalism given his pluralist beliefs. I argue that while his reliance upon the essay generates particular interpretive problems, (...)
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