Jason P. Matzke [3]Jason Matzke [1]
  1. Jason P. Matzke (2012). Walking in Nature. Environment, Space, Place 4 (2):75-88.
    It has been argued by philosophers and cultural historians that the notion of wilderness as it has been developed in the West problematically separates—conceptually and practically—humans from wild nature. The human/wilderness dichotomy, it is said, potentially leads even well-intentioned, environmentally minded people to work for wilderness preservation at the expense of paying attention to our local, lived environment. Although Henry David Thoreau and John Muir are often taken to be key architects of the inherited notion of wilderness, I draw from (...)
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    Jason P. Matzke (2001). Analyzing Moral Issues. Teaching Philosophy 24 (3):282-285.
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    Jason Matzke (2005). Book Notes. [REVIEW] Hypatia 20 (1):226-229.