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    Douglas B. Marlowe, Jason R. Croft, Karen L. Dugosh, David S. Festinger & Patricia L. Arabia (2011). Corrected Feedback: A Procedure to Enhance Recall of Informed Consent to Research Among Substance Abusing Offenders. Ethics and Behavior 20 (5):387-399.
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    David S. Festinger, Karen L. Dugosh, Jason R. Croft, Patricia L. Arabia & Douglas B. Marlowe (2011). Do Research Intermediaries Reduce Perceived Coercion to Enter Research Trials Among Criminally Involved Substance Abusers? Ethics and Behavior 21 (3):252 - 259.
    We examined the efficacy of including a research intermediary (RI) during the consent process in reducing participants' perceptions of coercion to enroll in a research study. Eighty-four drug court clients being recruited into an ongoing study were randomized to receive a standard informed consent process alone (standard condition) or with an RI (intermediary condition). Before obtaining consent, RIs met with clients individually to discuss remaining concerns. Findings provided preliminary evidence that RIs reduced client perceptions that their participation might influence how (...)
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    Jerry R. Hobbs, William Croft, Todd Davies, Douglas Edwards & Kenneth Laws (1987). Commonsense Metaphysics and Lexical Semantics. Computational Linguistics 13 (3&4):241-250.
    In the TACITUS project for using commonsense knowledge in the understanding of texts about mechanical devices and their failures, we have been developing various commonsense theories that are needed to mediate between the way we talk about the behavior of such devices and causal models of their operation. Of central importance in this effort is the axiomatization of what might be called commonsense metaphysics. This includes a number of areas that figure in virtually every domain of discourse, such as granularity, (...)
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  4. Grzegorz Malec (2014). Darwin and Lady Hope: The Untold Story. By L. R. Croft. Preston, UK: Elmwood Books, 2012. X + 153 Pp. Hardcover £12.99. [REVIEW] Zygon 49 (1):261-263.
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    Antony R. Crofts (2007). Life, Information, Entropy, and Time: Vehicles for Semantic Inheritance. Complexity 13 (1):14-50.