1. Jean-Luc Petit (2003). On the Relation Between Recent Neurobiological Data on Perception (and Action) and the Husserlian Theory of Constitution. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 2 (4):281-298.
    The phenomenological theory of constitution promises a solution for the problem of consciousness insofar as it changes the traditional terms of this problem by systematically correlating subject and object in the unifying context of intentional acts. I argue that embodied constitution must depend upon the role of kinesthesia as a constitutive operator. In pursuing the path of intentionality in its descent from an idealistic level of pure constitution to this fully embodied kinesthetic constitution, we are able to gain access to (...)
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  2. Jean-Luc Petit (1999). Constitution by Movement: Husserl in Light of Recent Neurobiological Findings. In Naturalizing Phenomenology. Stanford: Stanford University Press.
  3. Jean-Luc Petit (1999). Naturalizing Phenomenology. Stanford: Stanford University Press.