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    Rafik I. Beekun, Yvonne Stedham, James W. Westerman & Jeanne H. Yamamura (2010). Effects of Justice and Utilitarianism on Ethical Decision Making: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Gender Similarities and Differences. Business Ethics 19 (4):309-325.
    This study investigates the relationship between intention to behave ethically and gender within the context of national culture. Using Reidenbach and Robin's measures of the ethical dimensions of justice and utilitarianism in a sample of business students from three different countries, we found that gender is significantly related to the respondents' intention to behave ethically. Women relied on both justice as well as utilitarianism when making moral decisions. By contrast, men relied only on justice, and did not rely on utilitarianism (...)
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    Yvonne Stedham, Jeanne H. Yamamura & Rafik I. Beekun (2007). Gender Differences in Business Ethics: Justice and Relativist Perspectives. Business Ethics 16 (2):163–174.
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    Rafik I. Beekun, Yvonne Stedham & Jeanne H. Yamamura (2003). Business Ethics in Brazil and the U.S.: A Comparative Investigation. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 42 (3):267 - 279.
    In this comparative survey of 126 Brazilian and U.S. business professionals, we explore the effect of national culture on ethical decision-making within the context of business. Using Reidenbach and Robin''s (1988) multi-criteria ethics instrument, we examined how these two countries'' differences on Hofstede''s individualism/collectivism dimension are related to the manner in which business practitioners make ethical decisions. Our results indicate that Brazilians and Americans evaluate the ethical content of actions or decisions differently when applying utilitarian criteria. By contrast, business people (...)
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  4. Jeanne H. Yamamura & Fritz H. Grupe (2005). Ethical Standards for Online Advice Giving: An Overview of the Issues for Business and Financial Advisers. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 3 (2):69-77.
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