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    Richard A. Depue & Jeannine V. Morrone-Strupinsky (2005). A Neurobehavioral Model of Affiliative Bonding: Implications for Conceptualizing a Human Trait of Affiliation. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (3):313-350.
    Because little is known about the human trait of affiliation, we provide a novel neurobehavioral model of affiliative bonding. Discussion is organized around processes of reward and memory formation that occur during approach and consummatory phases of affiliation. Appetitive and consummatory reward processes are mediated independently by the activity of the ventral tegmental area (VTA) dopamine (DA)–nucleus accumbens shell (NAS) pathway and the central corticolimbic projections of the u-opiate system of the medial basal arcuate nucleus, respectively, although these two projection (...)
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    Richard A. Depue & Jeannine V. Morrone-Strupinsky (2005). Modeling Human Behavioral Traits and Clarifying the Construct of Affiliation and its Disorders. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (3):371-378.
    Commentary on our target article centers around six main topics: (1) strategies in modeling the neurobehavioral foundation of human behavioral traits; (2) clarification of the construct of affiliation; (3) developmental aspects of affiliative bonding; (4) modeling disorders of affiliative reward; (5) serotonin and affiliative behavior; and (6) neural considerations. After an initial important research update in section R1, our Response is organized around these topics in the following six sections, R2 to R7.
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  3. Charles T. Davis (1985). Peter Herde, Cölestin V.(1294):(Peter vom Morrone), der Engelpapst. Mit einem Urkundenanhang und Edition zweier Viten.(Päpste und Papsttum, 16.) Stuttgart: Anton Hiersemann, 1981. Pp. xii, 447. DM 220. [REVIEW] Speculum 60 (1):156-159.
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